Why Liberia?

LOEP founders committed to provide assistance to orphans and vulnerable children in Liberia in 2002, as the country was recovering from more than 14 years of civil unrest. LOEP volunteers were initially moved by the compelling plight of children growing up with no opportunity for school due to chaos and war.

Does LOEP work anywhere else?

Education is a top priority for Liberians, and LOEP works with schools and teachers to assist in providing quality educational opportunities for students. LOEP is a very small group of volunteers with limited resources. At this time, LOEP works exclusively in Liberia.

How can I help?

LOEP accepts donations throughout the year to assist with materials and shipping costs. LOEP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible. You can donate online here or you can mail your donation to LOEP at the following address: 370 Browntown Road Browntown, VA 22610.

I would prefer to donate materials rather than money. What kinds of items are accepted?

LOEP has developed a list of supplies that Liberian teachers and students need. LOEP also accepts gently used text books, fiction and nonfiction books. Educational periodicals such as National Geographic and Highlights are also accepted.

Can I sponsor an individual teacher?

LOEP provides financial support to subsidize tuition and fees for teacher training. Donations may be restricted for this purpose.

Can I sponsor an individual student?

LOEP does not provide direct scholarships for individual students. However, if you are interested in providing tuition for an individual student we are happy to help facilitate that arrangement.

Can I go to Liberia with LOEP?

LOEP recruits travel team members based on the content and training model each year. The priorities for the 2014 training will be elementary reading specialists and secondary English/writing teachers.
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