Liberia Orphan Education Project for Handwashing Hygiene Project.

In response to the Ebola health crisis, LOEP’s Handwashing Hygiene Project provides sanitary handwashing stations and disease prevention education for villages, markets, schools, clinics and churches in rural Liberia where safe, clean water is unavailable. 90% of Liberian school children use unimproved latrines without access to clean water.

Each Handwashing Hygiene Station consists of a 5 or 18-gallon bucket fitted with a spigot and powdered bleach for water sanitizing. Stations are delivered and set up by LOEP teachers who provide training in handwashing hygiene and disease prevention at each site. Each station includes a 30-day follow-up visit to ensure maintenance and proper use.

For children in clinics, LOEP has designed a Child Comfort Clinic Kit. Normally, Liberian clinics expand bed space by placing children in beds with adult patients. In this time of Ebola, the risk of contagion is too great for co-sleeping and children are now placed on the floor. LOEP has developed a Child Comfort Clinic Kit for rural clinics that consists of 6 stackable, mesh cots designed to be cleaned with bleach and a Handwashing Hygiene Station for childrens’ use in clinics. This Kit offers a bed off the floor for sick children.

$20 Handwashing Hygiene Station - Classroom size
$50 Handwashing Hygiene Station – School size
$200 Child Comfort Clinic Kit

LOEP is an all volunteer, IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with no overhead costs.
All donations are tax-deductible.

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